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Welcome to Bridgewater Windscreens, your trusted partner in autoglass repair and replacement services.

 We recognize the critical role of a clear and undamaged windscreen in ensuring your safety while driving. Our proficient glass technicians are equipped with the expertise to address a range of windscreen damages, and are committed to delivering prompt and budget-friendly repair services. Regardless of whether you own a car, truck, or SUV, rest assured, we possess the skill to restore your windscreen, allowing you to resume your journey with utmost confidence.

What Kind of Autoglass Repair We Offer in the Greater Manchester Area:

In the bustling streets of Greater Manchester, vehicle owners often find themselves facing unexpected autoglass issues. 

At Bridgewater Windscreens, we take pride in offering fast professional windscreen repair and replacement services in the area.

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Whether it’s a small chip, a crack, or a complete windshield replacement, Bridgewater Windscreens has got you covered. Specifically, our comprehensive autoglass repair services include:

Chips and Cracks

Small chips on your windshield may seem minor, but they can quickly escalate into larger cracks if left untreated. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to repair windshield chips. Ultimately restoring the structural integrity of the glass and preventing further damage.

Similarly, Cracks in your windshield can impair visibility and compromise the safety of your vehicle. Our experts are equipped to handle various types and sizes of cracks. So, this ensures a seamless repair that meets safety standards.

Autoglass Servicing

It’s not just the windshield that needs attention. Chips and cracks inside and rear windows can also jeopardise your safety. We specialise in repairing autoglass on all parts of your vehicle, thus ensuring a comprehensive solution for our customers.

Timely intervention is crucial when dealing with windshield chips and cracks. Bridgewater Windscreens excels in windshield repairs, thus utilising cutting-edge techniques to prevent further damage and restore to its original condition. Our skilled technicians assess the severity of the damage and recommend the most suitable course of action, thus ensuring your satisfaction.

We understand that your time is valuable, and getting your autoglass repaired should be convenient. That’s why we offer mobile autoglass repair services, providing efficient and reliable service when you need it most. Our technicians can come to your location, whether you are at home, work, or stuck on the side of the road.


Windscreen Repair:

Is a small chip or crack impairing your visibility and compromising your safety on the road? Our expert team at Bridgewater Windscreens specializes in high-quality windscreen repair to address these issues promptly.

Whether it’s a minor chip caused by a flying stone or a small crack due to temperature changes. Therefore, our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and premium materials to restore your windscreen to its original strength. Our windscreen repair process involves assessing the damage, cleaning the affected area, and injecting a specially formulated resin to fill the chip or crack.

This resin is then cured using ultraviolet light, thus ensuring a seamless and durable repair. The result is a crystal-clear windscreen that not only enhances your visibility but also prevents the damage from spreading.

Windscreen Replacement:

In some cases, windscreen damage may be too severe for repair. Or the location of the damage may compromise the structural integrity of the glass. In such instances, Bridgewater Windscreens offers professional windscreen replacement services to ensure your safety and longevity of your vehicle.

Our windscreen replacement process begins with a thorough assessment of the damage. If it is determined that replacement is necessary, our team will carefully remove the damaged windscreen, taking care to protect the surrounding areas of your vehicle. Therefore, we source high-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or equivalent glass to guarantee a perfect fit and performance.


Areas We Cover

Bridgewater Windscreens cover the whole of the Greater Manchester area for any repair and replacement services. This includes the areas of:

Wigan | Bolton | Bury | Rochdale | Oldham | Tameside | Stockport | Trafford | Salford | Manchester